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The House of Selah Project

Three years out of college I felt like I was being crippled by the corporate world. Then, I had a week of crazy, wild, vivid, and strangely spiritual dreams. When talking to my mom about it she asked, "Brian, when was the last time you drew anything? Maybe God is trying to tell you something." From that moment, I realized she was on to something. Life had its grasp on me, the suppressed creativity inside needed to be let out.


So, I created my first ever "Quill." The collection of all my dreams that week. As time went on, I transitioned to pop art with themes of fame, celebrity, and worldly treasure. My clients included some top names in music, television, sports. But ,this year, I had another reflection point - another week of dreams. I've been straying. With The House of Selah Project, I'm returning to the root/spirituality of what got me here. Simply put, I'm creating for God.


What is the meaning of 'Selah?'

No one really knows. What we agree on is that its a Hebrew word at the end of the verses in Psalms. Some say it's a musical direction: "a pause in the voices singing, while instruments perform alone" while others say it means to "indicate a pause for contemplation."


My interpretation: 'Selah' is the moment at the end of a song where the artist stops singing, but the music continues to slowly fade out. The moment you subconsciously reflect on the lyrics and begin to settle back into your reality before you listen to the next song on your queue. The particular moment in time between the grand performance and your next masterpiece.

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