Who is quill?

A Modern Contemporary Artist, who's cryptic symbology, “Where’s Waldo”-esque imagery, visually & subconsciously-stimulating messages illuminate your mind, both figuratively...and literally (under black light.)

Quill was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1994 to a Irish family of nine. His family moved to Manalapan, NJ where he learned to doodle in class. Quill managed to get by despite his habitual penmanship & went on to study at Rutgers New Brunswick, receiving a B.S. in Journalism & Media Studies, where he took classes at Mason Gross School of Arts. At Rutgers, he met NYC-based artist MURT and it was then that he was inspired to start painting.


Quill and MURT were commissioned to paint a large mural for Rutgers 250th Commencement, but after Quill wouldn’t paint again until 2018. In 2016, Quill began to focus on music, he actually selected to perform on stage with Grammy-Award winner Kelly Clarkson during her Piece-by-Piece tour.


Upon graduating, Quill began a career in sports marketing. In 2018, Quill decided to pick up the paint brush once more and in 2018, he began creating under his current moniker, ‘Quill.’

How the 'QUILL' Name Was Born

Quill was born out the womb ready to create art. Throughout his early education, teachers and students would admire...or despise his in-class creations. Doodling became the everyday hobby of a young Quill, he became a master of his weaponry...the pen. What's another name for pen? A quill. Plus, it sounded cooler. Thus, his name was born - Quill.

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